I WANT TO SAY A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL MY BLOG READERS AND FOLLOWERS ON WORDPRESS, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER AND FACEBOOK. The fact that you make time to read the posts I publish is amazing!!! Thank you so much for always being here, for reliving my experiences and walking through my pain. I’m happy for… Read More THANK YOU!!! 

Addiction: Letting Go

📷: Me: Hi, my name is Maraoma and this is how I let go of my addiction. This is my story.  I was drowning willingly, my lungs filling with water every passing second. Drinking in the salty water without remorse, it helped me forget the pain. No struggle, just freely drowning, allowing the water… Read More Addiction: Letting Go

My Journey

Take a trip with me To a land of hidden beauty Uncomprehended languages In a foreign land Put yourself in my shoes Under the blazing hellish heat In the blinding whirl of a sandstorm Under the drenching fall of the rain See yourself through my eyes Standing and walking for hours Marching and parading around… Read More My Journey